Clean. Single. Looking For A Mate.

Laundry is a tricky task. It has to be done right, or valuable items of cherished clothing can be completely destroyed. Or those Clean. Single. Looking For A Mate. socks will always be single or with a different sock. And NO dryers don’t eat socks. They have no way to digest them! So for all you people who want to cherish your clothes here are a wide variety of tips for keeping everything fresh clean, and with their mates (;
• Sort your clothes before
• Set a timer
• Check the washer in dryer I.e. lipstick
• Fluff your clothes before putting them in the dryer
• Get small chores like vacuuming your car or getting groceries while your waiting
• Temperature setting. Darks in cold. Whites in warm.
• To be safe, put reds with darks
• Read a book, do your online shopping.
• Don’t spend money on food. It’s overpriced cause its right there and a lazy way out.


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